yukihiro takahashi

awesome eighties and japanese along with a few other amazing japanese
bands that kate and Jon gave me copies of. Check out Grand Espoir by
yukihiro takahashi so good!


beard man


this is a painting me and trevor burks did after a house party at about 5am on the
saturday of the MCAD art sale. Funny as it was submitted and sold for $100 , incredable.

Dream car

have been looking at lots of fiat 126's online literally the most amazing vehicle ever created.


Santa Klaus

A few versions of santa claus over the years I like the pointing one in particular.
The girls in the photo are my older sister Alexia and my cousin Ewa. I have a
feeling the top santa is also my Uncle Mike.


As part of the Cine City festival in Brighton I went to see some films by
Ladislaw Starewicz at the Sallis Benny theatre yesterday, beautiful animations
and the best little faces in the the forest scene...