so i spent most of today designing lots of festive themed things to kill a million birds with a stone here is a giff procrastination slant of one of my christmas card designs initially for the YCN rivington st shop opening next week! http://72rivingtonstreet.com/

oh click on deer to see it gif happy

I have been screenprinting in studio weekend until midnight feels good to eat dinner at 1am doesnt it, have a feeling im going to be awake for a while!its still raining my hair hadnt quite dried from the cycle into the studio today to then get soaked on the way home.


Book Spreads

the one great thing about hanging out chez mes parents is that i come across treasure on a daily basis amongst the organised chaos of communal storage that exists around the house, this can be in the form of old photographs, mix tapes,old art projects, videos and books and general bric and brak.

this week its amazing books that i have failed to notice after living here for years

book one;

A day in the life of the soviet union,
I cannot emphasis enough how amazing the photographs are in this book!The whole book is made up of 250 spreads of photographs shot by 50 photojournalists all over the Soviet Union on May 15th 1987.

this photo was taken by Dima Malazhev, aged 10
After Kodak supplied 100 soviet school childrenwith kodak 35mm cameras to take photographs on May 15th 1987

Nganasan Hunters share a frozen fish and some private humour.
photo by Aleksandr Polyaskov, USSR

Book two;

most amazing mountainious book, my grandparents live in the tatry mountains and would regularly send us books about them and I havnt paid much attention to them in the past but now can appreciate some of the incredible scenery captured here.