need to pay some visits

this was often my weekend getaway case whilst at uni- after developing some old disposable cameras im looking at this as a reminder that i owe a lot of people some weekend visits! a late new years resolution maybe..

winter good times

some photos from january snow times- cleeve hill - snowboarding- and cat fur that seems to go so well with the winter colours....



I was super excited to be issued a library card from the university I have started working at yesterday - and have forgotten the feeling of opening a book and seeing that you are the first to take it out for 6 years! makes the find more exciting and a bit special - so thought I would share a Savignac piece from a dusty forgotten poster design book by Tom Eckersley.

east german dolls house food packaging eeeeeeeeeee!



recent photos from walking around berlin last week- hanging around playgrounds....I love the mural on the side of the building next to the school playground.
this is also on the current book wishlist ...