drawing workshops

For the last two weeks I have been honored to be one of 30 past foundation students to be taking part in the drawing workshops set up by Mick Maslen and Jack Southern at Pitville Studios in Cheltenham. It was amazing to meet the other students from the cheltenham foundation course and to be taught by Mick again,a past tutor of mine. It also made me realise and appreciate the benefits of keeping up more traditional and intense observational drawing practice!-to see more information on Mick and Jacks future drawing publication ,check out their blog here.


new books!

old and new - some found in loft hunting two from dennis gould's book stall! - There is a 'new books' performance by Dennis and Jeff Cloves at the Star anise cafe next thursday in stroud

i found these cards today that my mum would use to teach russian with - years ago - they are beautiful though.