I actually first watched this on holly wales blog today and it has stuck in my head all day, Ken Robinson makes some good points about the future of education and recognising individuals for their creativity and the way we all can communicate quite differently from another- with some really brilliant examples, as education is changing so much, it has to , it would excite me to see people recognising the importance of creativity and alternative ways of teaching across all subject matters.

I also went to see Dead Star Light today at the Arnolfini by Kerry Tribe Her film H.M. based on the true story of an anonymous, memory impaired man, known in scientific literature only as 'Patient H.M.' In 1953 at the age of 27, H.M underwent experimental brain surgery intended to alleviate his epilepsy with the unintended result being persistant amnesia.
Go and see it is profound!



my new uttermost favorite picture of mickey mouse , (a photograph sent from friends to my mum in 1991 from Russia)/