This is my contribution to the Selvedge window display over christmas this year, can you spot all 11 pipers? Looking forward to seeing the other pieces submitted to the display.

Really enjoying my friend Jamie Leith's blog posts. He is teaching art in a school in India and his photos are amazing!


miss August

Thankyou Computer Arts for featuring my bicycling illustration for August of their Calander giveaway with this months issue!


I have the uttermost admiration for my sister who is currently boarding and working in a boarding school, I have stolen these from her - or at least referencing her amazing find of some of the old photos of the boarding school days - years ago- they are incredible

HKKP Totes

Thankyou to Nicholas Bennett for screenprinting these totes that we designed together that will be available to buy at the cube on Sunday and future events - this is the first of a series that will be on sale - these are a limited run of 40 so come along to "Encounters' on Sunday for some silhouette animation fun and treats! All money profited goes to HKKP.


musical treats

I havn't posted on this for a long time, I was recently excited to get Jayme Stones new album in the post - of which I illustrated a couple of months ago- its so exciting to receive real life things in the post! I have also recently been working on artwork for Emily Teague a good friend of mine who sent this to print today: