Aire Projects

Aire Projects is a Hackney based arts organisation dedicated to giving young people a voice. We do this by offering free photography and computer arts workshops to the less fortunate in the community. Founded by Jamie Leith, the long-term aim of Aire is to offer a range of engaging, educational and creative projects to the hardest to reach young people in the Hackney area and beyond.

Over the coming months we will be running a series of workshops and events conceptualised and created with the aim of telling the stories of the people we work with. These will culminate in exhibitions seen in a range of new and exciting ways, open to the whole community. We want to highlight the need for more creative resources for young people; places where they can feel inspired and free to learn and express themselves away from the pressures of a classroom environment. This would result in the participants acquiring skills and disciplines that can be transferred to other aspects of their lives. Whilst the students will be taking part in short term courses, these courses seek to provide them with skill sets which are very much focused on being more long-term solutions.

Aire Projects’ aim is to open a creative centre that is not only used, but nurtured by the people we work with. We want to be able to offer them the chance to work within the studio, furthering knowledge and potentially shaping a career. We are embarking on this journey at a time when government investment in such projects is at an all time low, but the social need is greater than it ever has been. If you are interested in helping out in any capacity, or feel you have something to offer, please contact us on:


I have been involved in helping to make this happen and am really excited about the future plans we have in store for Aire. We now have a tumblr blog documenting our current activities whilst the website is being built. Follow Aire projects on twitter, @aireprojects its the start of a very good thing...


This is a screenprint that I submitted to People of Print as part of their show at Druck Berlin in August. Marcroy is smashing it and has got some amazing artists together for this.

No way's NOT exhibition was this weekend (4 Helmet Row, London) I was helping out with some screenprinting workshops with Marcroy and Jim O Raw at People of Print